Christine Golden

successful websites ~ crafted with care

Whole Site

From concept to deployment, success is built-in.

WordPress Themes

As well-designed on the inside as they are on the outside

& Sales Pages

Sales pages and funnels for a single product or service

Web Development

Markup and styling using the best standards of the day

Webkeeping Services

Ongoing security & technical updates for WordPress sites

Golden Harbor
Web Hosting

Privately managed, encrypted and fast, with 100% uptime


Not Just Websites - Customized Strategies for Success are Built-In

I want you to be glad about your decision to have me build your website—to feel as though you are getting a return on your investment.

From the code up, I use every best practice available to make your website fast, attractive and findable on the internet. Responsive? Of course. Ready for social media? 'Open-Graph' tags and graphics included. SEO? On-page best practices always. Google Analytics? Yes! Start tracking your success from the moment you launch.

Call me at 1-850-242-3747 for a free consultation and price estimate.

The types of work I do include:

  • PSD to HTML for Sales Pages & Funnels
  • PSD to Custom WordPress Themes for designers & fellow developers
  • Whole team coordination from concept to deployment and beyond
  • Ongoing WordPress site maintenance and monitoring
  • Basic SEO services & Google Analytics
  • Privately Managed, Secure and Fast Web Hosting

"I've worked with lots of developers before, and you are a cut above!"

Jessica Krewson
Art Director & Project Director
McLean MasterWorks

"Christine is a dependable, organized, and talented developer."

Jason Debiak
Creative Director
Paper Tiger

About Christine Golden, Web Developer

Christine Golden
Christine Golden

Skilled coder, resourceful craftswoman, experienced project manager and team player. I have been providing web design and development services for others since 2008.

I use the best standards of the day to ensure your website is accessible, searchable and easy to load, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Before I learned to code, I worked in the civil engineering and construction industry where I developed a good work ethic and awesome project management skills.

I'm so glad to now be part of the internet-age, where knowledge and encouragement can reach into the most isolated corners of humanity.

I'm especially grateful to the open-source community, without whom I wouldn't have discovered the magic of coding. Solving puzzles, bringing order, and watching bits of data turn into beauty and human usefulness is what makes coding poetry to me.

How Do You Define Success?

You are about to make an investment of your time, resources and money. How do YOU measure success?
Every decision, from the big picture to the details, needs to be based on your goals.

"Every time I ask someone how they found us and they say they used the internet for their search they make a statement such as “We were looking for (fill in the blank) and your site came up. Boy! Is that a nice website! We looked all through it.'”

Bobbie Golden, Owner Golden Acres Ranch