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Website in a Week

New Project?
Build Only the Website
You Need to Get Started

New Project? Build Only the Website You Need to Get Started

A website that has all the basic elements for success...

Custom-crafted by a talented developer...

That can be completed in about a week...

For only $650!

Consider the basic elements of a successful website:

  • Content that informs and persuades, attracts attention (links) from others
  • Content that gets noticed in Google Search
  • Web pages that look great on mobile devices
  • Links that attract visitors from Social Media and search results
  • Analytics that inform you right from the beginning
  • Fast and accessible to everyone
  • Simple and secure, hand-written code
  • Expandable for future enhancements and branding

This simple, affordable website package gets you setup for success, fast!

Website in a Week


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How Can a Custom Website Be Built in a Week?

Using one of a few responsive, Christine-coded templates, I can focus on what really counts at this stage, your message, performance and security.

Gather up whatever materials you have at the moment and let me review, organize and write in ways that address all the pertinant elements of success.

Here's a list. You don't need all of them.

  • Your logo in digital form and highest resolution
  • Contact information
  • Social media links
  • Mission statement, history
  • People involved, with headshots
  • Products and/or services and descriptions ( up to 5 each )
  • Awards, Certifications, Associations
  • Testimonials
  • Articles you've written or that have been written about you/your company
  • Whatever else you can think of

Limited to five webpages and few revisions, this basic, attractive website is fully expandable as you and your project evolves.

I'll use your photos, or purchase stock graphics to supplement your content and to make gorgeous links to your site from search and social media.

I'll set up Google Analytics and Google Search (for site health) so you can start monitoring your success within 30 days. Improvements and enhancements can be based on data, rather than guesswork.

The site can be readily ported into a WordPress platform when you are ready to take on your own content management.

Don't wait years, or even months, for "perfection,"
start using a website for success right away.

Don't wait years, or even months, for "perfection," start using a website for success right away.

Website in a Week


1-850-242-3747 | Email

What This Package Includes

  • Copy and content writing from your materials
  • Organization of your graphics and content into a responsive, hand-coded website
  • Basic security and SEO built-in
  • Searching for stock graphics appropriate to your content (cost of graphics are additional)
  • Code and graphics that make your web pages look great on social media
  • Set up Google Analytics and Search Health Tools
  • A 30-day report on Analytics and Site Health
  • A 30-day Warranty
  • Assistance obtaining a domain name and hosting plan

Additional Costs

You will need a domain name and hosting plan. I recommend DomainIt for the domain name and Golden Harbor Web Hosting for your hosting plan.

What This Package Does Not Include

  • Logo creation
  • Professional Branding development
  • eCommerce, Membership, Booking or other complex functionality
  • Custom artwork
  • Ongoing SEO or Analysis

Website in a Week


1-850-242-3747 | Email


Insurance Solutions by Herschel Kelly

Insurance Solutions by Herschel Kelly

Christine worked with me to develop a website. She is very knowledgeable and worked in a timely manner. She has been available whenever I called and has always been able to solve any problems that developed. I highly recommend her services.

Herschel Kelly,
Independent Insurance Agent

About Christine Golden

Christine Golden

Skilled coder, resourceful craftswoman, experienced project manager and team player; I have been providing website services for others since 2008.

I help designers, developers and businesses produce relevant, successful, high-quality web sites and sales funnels.

I use the best standards of the day to ensure your website is accessible, searchable and easy to load, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

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